19 march Free football predictions

19 Match free football predictions

19 March Free football predictions 19 march Free football predictions have been posted on the¬†website. Get on today’s Match prediction and place your bet to win. Profit Tips’ Daily Free Bets keep accumulating profit . With just 3 losses so far this March,profit is already seen on the bankroll. The Free football predictions offered are […]

2 Wins in a Row

2 wins in a row

2 Wins in a Row 2 Wins in a Row record again. Profit Tips Website keeps making profit for its clients now and again.After suffering 2 consecutive losses,we made 2 more wins recovering from the loss.The $200 loss was gently recovered by 462.5 . Thus a profit of (462.5-200) 262.5 was made after removing the […]

3.34 Bet Lands

3.34 bet lands

3.34 Bet Lands 3.34 Odds Bet Lands yet again yesterday.This makes us having a total of 7 wins and 2 losses.That is an incredible 146% return on investment.So according to our betting stake of $100, we have a profit 0f $1,620 and we are still moving forward. The plan for this Month is to make […]

5 Ways to beat the Bookie

5 ways to beat the bookies

5 Ways to beat the Bookies As you may know and seen , beating the bookies in their own game seems so hard to the majority of the punters out there.Even the most experienced punters and bettors may fall a victim of this in one way or another.But now we are going to see 5 […]

5000 January Month Profit

January Month Profit

  January Month Profit 2017 January Month Profit stands massively at over $5000. This was made by our VIP members at profit tips with an average prediction Odds 3. The month was made up of some nice games throughout that brought the overall profit of over $5000.The profits got was a result of carefully following […]

5 betting tips to make you successful in 2017

Betting tips

Betting tips : $5000 Profit Made in January 2017.How? This January made a good performance. 5000 Profit made from Footy Profit Tips on our VIP page. The VIP members made a good start this Year.This is just the beginning.Now I will give you betting tips to be successful too! 5 Things punters should consider to […]

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