How To Start Winning Bets in 2021 [ 5 Proven Methods ]

95% Of All Sports Bettors Lose Their Bets , 5% Win - The Number Grows Less

Sports Betting is all about placing bets and winning them . There is no point in continuing using the same strategy that’s giving you losses day and night.

We are going to see what works and what doesn’t . What to do and what to avoid .

We have to be smart in order to make a consistent profit from sports betting . Why?

     “Because The House Always Wins ! “

Now Let’s take a look a look at the ways to improve betting .

1. Have a Bankroll Management System

When you decide to start sports betting for profit , Think of it as an investment.

When investing ,you need to have a strategy to do so.

For Example , here at Profit Tips Betting we use stakes of $100 for every bet we place [It maybe smaller according to your bank size ] . 


The total betting amount you use for betting should be around 10 – 20% of your total money ONLY

Advantages Of Using a Bankroll Management System

  • Easy to track performance and projections – For instance using $100 for all bets , that means if we lose 1o bets , that $1000.

Imagine if we had used $45 , $58 , $87 in betting .

You see how hard it will be to calculate bets and projections . You will if you decide to , but every second counts .

Sticking to one staking amount is crucial for this strategy to work .

  •  Helps Minimize Losses  –  Using bankroll management , we minimize chances of losing more as we won’t place more bets when we are on a losing streak.
On most occasions , this where many punters lose money . Even the most experienced one might be a victim of this. 

The moment you start chasing losses , you are doomed to fail . 

Make this one of your COMMANDMENTS . 
Avoid Chasing Losses

2 .Avoid Chasing Losses

You cannot speak of betting without mentioning losing bets . 

But the aim here is to win more than you lose . If you win less then you losing money.

After a long unsuccessful run , do not start doubling up large sums of money to replace losses . 

Most of the time you don’t win such bets as they are not informed and researched bets.

3 . Shop Around For The Best Bookie And Odds

There are various reason you are using the bookie you are using now . It might be the reason you are successful or otherwise .

Be on a lookout for the best bookies and odds out there . Some bookies offer better odds compared to others .

Don’t be tied around on a bookie with poor odds, lengthy withdraw times and poor support.

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Best Features A Sports Bookmarker Should Have 
  • High Odds – Its Simple , High Odds = More Profit Made.

When a bookie offers lower odds than the competition , the leave that bookie .

You will always be left behind and a step back from your true profit potential .

  • Many Deposit Options And Short Time Withdraws – This is a no brainer basically.

What’s the point in Betting if you cannot retrieve the profit from your efforts?

Select Bookies that have fast payouts and a variety of deposit and withdraw options .

Also remember to use a Quicker withdraw option . Methods such as card or Bank transfers take longer.

We personally recommend using NETELLER because of their fast payouts . Helps to easily move funds from your account , bookie to bookie and to your account .

Don't be greedy in betting
Image by whekevi from Pixabay

4. Do Not Get Greedy

This usually happens after a very successful run in betting . Everyone has experienced this at least once.

When you place a bet or bets and they win , sit and relax and enjoy the profit .

If its possible , close you phone or computer and do something else to avoid the temptation.

Profits are lost when you try to make more . You might try to stake half if not all your profit .

Imagine if this fails , you will be worse than before .

5. Do Research Or Hire Someone 

To be successful , you must take an extra step and do research . As it goes Information is king .

Always check last minutes team news , players , weather  and many factors.

These greatly impact the performances of your bets . 

You can use free resource sites like forebet or windrawin to help you.

The only limitation is you will be presented with alot of data and maybe overwhelming .


Don't be greedy in betting

Alternatively you can use a paid service that will select bets for you and offer you the best matches .

There are may services out there of which many are scams and will provide no real value .

The only way to see legitimacy is either start small or check their daily performances . If you see that they win with high odds and are always green ,that’s almost impossible.

Leave them and look for a more reliable source . 

Here At Profit Tips Betting ,

our service is catered for those who don’t have time for research but still want bets that win .

Our bets have been around since 2017 when we made a step to helping people like you win Bets .

Every Month we make a positive return on your investment as we remove all guess work .


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